6th-12th: I Heart Ukulele

Teacher Name: Shane Spann 254-214-2649
Tuition: $160.00 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20.00
Discount for Semester Payment: no
Supply/Materials Fee (due at registration): $10.00
Deposit (due at registration): $20.00
Grades: 6th-12th
Minimum Class Size: 5
Maximum Class Size: 20
Midterm Enrollment: yes
Class Time: anytime
Prerequisite: None
Estimated homework hours: 30 minutes daily practice time

Required Materials or Books: ukulele, tuner, pen/pencil/paper, folder
www.sweetwater.com has a kala makala classic ukulele and amazon has a makala dolphin soprano ukulele. Either is fine.

Class Description: Any skill level is welcome. We will cover all techniques, from beginning to advanced. Ukulele is easier to learn and practice than the guitar. We will learn right hand/left hand technique, fingering, chords, songs, song structure, tuning, looping, song writing and strumming techniques. We will learn all styles of music, but our emphasis will be on praise and worship music and hymns. We will learn music appreciation for all styles, but by practicing the praise and worship music all week, I want to expose them to uplifting praise songs to help keep their minds on Christ all week.

Shane Spann

Shane Spann


Shane is a retired Waco Firefighter and professional musician, performing several concerts a year. He has been playing guitar for over 35 years and ukulele for about 8 years. He has also been playing the mountain dulcimer for over 5 years. He has played rhythm guitar, ukulele and dulcimer in the praise band at his church. He has taught private lessons for over 20 years. He is a Jesus follower and loves kids. He brings fun to the instrument and to music. He has been married for 24 years and has a 12 year-old son.