Study Hall

Study Hall is offered every hour of the day.
We do accept drop-ins for study hall for $5 per class.

Tuition: $25.00 per semester, payable in September and January. Monthly payments are not an option for study hall.

1st hour: Erin Bever
2nd hour: Erin Bever
3rd hour: Erin Bever
4th hour: Katie Gunn
5th hour: Katie Gunn

Deposit Due at Registration: none

Grades: all

This is an opportunity for students to get some school work done. Please make sure they bring something to do or a book to read each week. If they don’t bring something to keep them quietly busy, the teacher will have something available for them to do. No hand held video games. Ipods or any other music playing devices will be allowed at the teacher’s discretion. If they become a distraction, the teacher will take the devices up and hold them until the end of class. These guidelines will help make Study Hall more beneficial for everyone. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.