Spanish 1

Teacher Name: Tredessa Thomas
Teacher Phone Number: 254-315-4050
Teacher Email:
Tuition: $160.00 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20.00
Discount for Semester Payment: No
Supply/Materials Fee (due at registration): $20.00
Deposit (due at registration): $20.00
Grades: 8th-12th
Minimum Class Size: 12
Maximum Class Size: 20
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Class Time: 1st hour
Prerequisite: None
Estimated homework hours: 3 hours/week
Required Materials or Books:
1. Spanish is Fun: Book 1 (ISBN-10: 1634199286)
2. Spanish is Fun: Book 1 Companion Workbook (ISBN-10:1531106331)
(I believe the lowest price for both is on the AMSCO website)

Class Description:
Welcome to Spanish I! Students begin their introduction to Spanish by focusing on the four key areas of foreign language study: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Spanish 1 will provide the student with a general introduction to the Spanish language: pronunciation, vocabulary related to everyday life, cultural information and basic grammatical structures. Emphasis will be on providing the students with instruction that teaches a basic understanding of Spanish culture, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts.

About Tredessa Thomas

Tredessa Thomas has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. She has been teaching and directing young people nearly twenty years.