Registration Step by Step

  1. Read the Co-op Handbook carefully for an understanding of Co-op guidelines and procedures.
  2. Print and complete the Family Enrollment Application (one per family). Click for all forms.
  3. Write out a check to Brazos Valley Co-op for the $130 per family Co-op registration and building fee.
  4. Print and complete Student Class Registration forms (one per student).  If your student will be assisting in a certain class, we must have written approval from teacher with your class registration form before this will be approved.  
  5. Print a Registration Worksheet for a summary of information needed for teacher checks.
  6. Write separate checks out to each teacher for each class’ supply fee + deposit. (Please write separate checks for each class, even if the teacher is the same.) **We will not accept semester or yearly tuition at registration.  Please write your checks for only the supply fee + deposit.
  7. Print and sign the Parent Contract (one per family).
  8. Print and have each student read and sign a Student Contract (one per student).
  9. Print and sign the Statement of Faith.
  10. Bring a personal calendar to sign up for parent duty.
  11. Bring all of the above to registration day!

NOTE:  Please be sure that any outstanding fines/fees from previous years have been paid.

We will not have the ability to make change at registration.  If you pay in cash, please bring the exact amount.  In addition, each deposit should be made for every child for every class separately (not combined with other siblings or classes) and clearly marked.  We will not offer receipts for cash payments.  If you need a receipt, please write a check, and that will be your receipt of payment.

Tips for Registration Day

  • Since we will only have a limited number of forms available on registration day, please print and complete all forms ahead of time.
  • Numbers will be given on a first-come-first-served basis, and only to those with completed forms & checks (registration and teacher checks).
  • Please let us know if you have questions! Someone will be available on registration day, but we recommend that you email us ( your questions ahead of time.