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Important note:

The registration fee has changed to $150 (per family) which is different than what is mentioned in the video below. Be sure to put a note on your payment with full name, the email address you will use to register your child, and your phone number. Failure to do this will result in a delay for your registration.

Check the list of FULL CLASSES carefully before registering. All fees are non-refundable, so be sure there is space available before you send the $150 registration fee. NOTE: We do recommend you register for a class even if it is not your first choice because as a registered family, you will be able to register first next year.


Please read and watch the tutorials then follow the steps carefully so your registration will not be delayed.

After these pre-registration steps are complete, you will be emailed a link to register your students for classes.

Pay the registration fee using the QR code below!

During payment, be certain to include the following information in the “Notes” section of the payment process: full name, email used for registration, and primary phone.

Simply aim camera at the square. Then at the top of the screen tap to open PayPal.

Having trouble with the QR code? Try this link.

Full, Nearly Full, and Closed Classes

Wait lists will be maintained for full classes. (Some wait lists are very long; we will update you in August, if not before, to make final arrangements if space does not open in your class of choice.)

K-3 Lego STEM & Creative Adventures
K-3 Small Animal Life
K-3 What’s Bugging’ You
K-3 Games Around the World
K-3 Fun on the Farm
3-5 Elementary Writing & Rhetoric
3-5 Math Facts Mastery
3-5 Monument Makers
4-6 Latin for Children Primer A
4-6 Crazy Fun Coding Accelerated
5-8 Prayers that Changed History
5-8 Discover America’s National Parks
6-8 Building Blocks of Literature: Fairy Tales and Myths
6-12 Gardening 101
7-12 Project Management & Entrepreneurship
7-12 Choir
7-12 PE
7-12 Are you Entertained?
7-12 Let’s Make Music!
8-12 Spanish 2
9-12 Psychology
9-12 Chemistry
9-12 Under God – Government
10-12 In His Image – Advanced Biology
Study Hall (all hours)

Nearly full (3 or fewer seats left):
K-3 Games Around the World
K-3 Fun on the Farm
3-5 Elementary Writing
4-6 Crazy Fun Coding Accelerated
4-6 Latin for Children Primer A
6-8 Building Blocks of Literature: Fairy Tales and Myths
7-12 Are you Entertained?
7-12 Choir
7-12 PE
9-12 Under God – Government

Full Classes:
K-2 Texas Outdoors
K-2 Little Learners
K-2 Number Sense
K-2 Experiments: Science in Action
K-3 Art
K-3 PE
K-3 Smart Moves
K-3 Indoor Gardening
K-3 Ready Readers
K-3 Hands on History
K-3 Let’s Explore Centers
1-3 Exploration Earth
1-3 Apologia Land Animals
2-4 Music Matters
2-4 Crazy Fun Coding
2-4 Dinos and Dragons
3-5 Nature Journaling
3-5 50 Nifty
4-6 STEM
4-6 Astronomy
4-6 Creative Space (Art)
4-6 PE
4-7 Hand Crafts
4-7 Recorders
5-8 Taste of China
5-8 Middle School Writing & Rhetoric
7-9 Physical Science
7-12 Public Speaking & Etiquette
7-12 Computer Literacy
7-12 Spanish 1

CLOSED Classes (No additions to wait list option for these classes.):

1-12 Karate
7-12 Creative Space – Art

Important Dates


Online registration begins:

  • May 2, 2022 – Current families
  • May 9, 2022 – All families

Live registration for new students and class changes:

  • August 26, 2022 – After the orientation meeting


10 AM

August 26, 2022

Parents and students must attend. This meeting provides an opportunity to meet teachers, locate classrooms, and receive supply lists or syllabi. Failure to attend this meeting for ANY reason will require an extra two hours of parent duty. If you must miss this important gathering, we will contact you to help you sign up for this alternative duty option.

Co-op Handbook

Please carefully read all the information in the Brazos Valley Co-op Handbook before submitting your registration.

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Registration Day

2022-2023 Forms/Printables

Registration Worksheet

Print one per family. Includes all classes with deposit and fee amounts.


BVC Calendar

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Pickup Line

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Venmo Payment Addresses

For payments to teachers.



Classroom Map

2022-2023 Class Map will be updated before classes begin in September.

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