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nearly Full classes

Astronomy 4th-6th
Let’s Eat 6th-9th
Silly Scientists K-3rd
Karate 1st-8th
Little Learners K-2nd
Foundations in Finance 8th-12th
Legos K-3rd

Full or closed classes

Cooking 3rd-5th
PE 4th-6th
Adventures in Art 4th-6th
Art K-3rd
I Survived! 3rd-5th
PE K-3rd
What’s BUGging you? K-3rd
Exploration Earth K-3rd
Architecture for Kids 5th-8th
Fundamentals of Writing 7th-12th
Brain Games 4th-8th
Love of Art 7th-12th
Leadership in Business 7th-12th
Digital Darkroom 7th-12th
Hands on History K-3rd
Virtual Zoo/Genius Hour 3rd-5th

Important Dates


9 am to 2 pm

April 17, 2020 – Only Current Co-op families
April 24, 2020 – All families

10 am to 1pm

June 12, 2020

After the orientation meeting until 1 pm

August 28, 2020


10 AM

August 28, 2020

Parents and students must attend. This meeting provides an opportunity to meet teachers, locate classrooms, and receive supply lists or syllabi. Failure to attend this meeting for ANY reason will require an extra two hours of parent duty. If you must miss this important gathering, we will contact you to help you sign up for this alternative duty option.

Registration step by step

How To Register Your Child for Brazos Valley Co-op

Students must be five years old on or before September 1st to enroll at BVC.

Registration must be done in person by the parents on one of the dates listed below. No registration will be done online, over the phone, or by mail. Only REGISTERED members of the Brazos Valley Co-op will be allowed to register onto waiting lists. To be a registered family parents must:

* Sign up for their entire year of parent duty
* Turn in all signed contracts
* Pay all building fees and deposits
* Owe no fines from previous years
* Be accepted after committee review into the co-op

Without completing these items, a family is not considered a member of the Brazos Valley Co-op. Fees are not refundable unless the committee decides on review to reject a family application.

Re-enrollment of current families is not guaranteed. The BVC committee reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any previously enrolled family if they have not complied with all BVC policies and guidelines as required. Families owing fines or drop fees from previous years will not be approved for registration.

If your student will be assisting in a certain class, we must have written approval from teacher with your class registration form before this will be approved.

All special needs of your child must be listed on the Family Enrollment Application form. BVC is not equipped to handle special education needs, and the BVC committee reserves the right to relinquish co-op registration to any child if it is found that the needs of that child are more than any teacher can handle without extra assistance (this includes educational or behavioral issues).

Enrollment is not final or complete until references are checked by the BVC committee. If registration is denied, all fees and deposits will be refunded.

Forms will be available at each registration, but it will be faster if you have them filled out ahead of time. All registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mail For Inquiry


Co-op Handbook

Please carefully read all the information in the Brazos Valley Co-op Handbook before submitting your registration. 
On Registration Day

Numbers will be given on a first-come-first-served basis, and only to those with completed forms & checks (registration and teacher checks).


Bring checks made out to each teacher for class deposits and materials fees.

The amounts are listed on each class description page. Please write separate checks for each class, even if the teacher is the same. If you choose to pay in cash, please put the money in an envelope with your child’s name, the class name, and the teacher’s name on the outside. We will not be able to make change; please bring the exact amount for each envelope.

We will not offer receipts for cash payments. If you need a receipt, please write a check, and that will be your receipt of payment.


Bring a check to Brazos Valley Co-op for the $130 per family Co-op registration and building fee.


Bring your personal calendar to sign up for parent duty. Parents are required to sign up for their parent duty service times at registration.


Bring the following completed forms.

  • Family Enrollment Application
  • Student Class Registration – one for each child
  • Parent Contract – only one parent needs to sign
  • Student Contract – one for each child
  • Signed Statement of Faith

Registration Day

2019-2020 Registration Forms


Family Enrollment Application

Print one per family.

Student Class Registration

Print one per student 


Parent Contract

Print one per family.


Statement of Faith

Print one per family.


BVC Calendar

Print as needed


Registration Worksheet

Print one per family. This form includes all the classes with all the deposit and fee amounts.


Student Contract

Print one per student.



Print one per child when needed.


Classroom Map

Print as needed.