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Important note

The registration fee has changed to $200 (per family). Put student’s name in memo line, and email us to notify us of your payment.

BVC Zelle at co-opcommittee@brazosvalleyco-op.com

We recommend you set up and test Zelle through your banking app before May 3rd to avoid a delay in your registration.

Check the list of FULL CLASSES carefully before registering. All fees are non-refundable, so be sure there is space available before you send the $200 registration fee. NOTE: We do recommend you register for a class even if it is not your first choice because as a registered family, you will be able to register first next year.


Please read the Pre-Registration tutorial then follow the steps carefully so your registration will not be delayed.

After these pre-registration steps are complete, you will be emailed a link to register your students for classes.

BVC Zelle at co-opcommittee@brazosvalleyco-op.com

During payment, put student’s name in “Notes” section, and email us that you have paid. 

Full, Nearly Full, and Closed Classes

Wait lists will be maintained for full classes. (Some wait lists are very long; we will update you in August, if not before, to make final arrangements if space does not open in your class of choice.)

Nearly full (3 or fewer seats left):
K-2 Happy Habits (4th hour)
K-2 Living Literature (3rd hour)
K-3 China (5th hour)
4-6 Exploration Earth (5th hour)
5-8 Geography & Science thru Lit (1st hour)
6-8 How to Read Lit (3rd hour)
7-9 Intro to Photography (4th hour)
9-12 Sociology (3rd hour)

Full Classes:
K-2 Secret Stories (1st hour)
K-2 Sing, Play, Move (3rd hour)
K-3 Primary Bible Drill (4th hour)
K-3 Beginning Ballet (5th hour)
K-3 Let’s Explore Centers (3rd hour)
K-3 Indoor Gardening (1st hour)
K-3 Once Upon a Time (2nd hour)
K-3 Fun on Farm (3rd hour)
1-3 Swimming Creatures (4th hour)
2-4 Music Matters (1st hour)
3-5 Reader’s Theater (3rd hour)
3-5 Old Testament (1st hour)
3-6 Elementary Choir (2nd hour)
3-6 Sew Much Fun (4th hour)
4-6 Apologia Anatomy (1st hour)
4-6 Data, Chance, & Probability (2nd hour)
4-6 Intro to Careers (3rd hour)
4-6 PE (4th hour)
4-8 Einstein Exercises (4th hour)
6-12 Beginning Crochet (5th hour)
7-12 Art is Everything! (4th hour)
8-12 Game of Life: Economics for Teens (2nd hour)
8-12 Faith & Film (5th hour)

CLOSED (No wait list additions at this time):
K-2 Experiments: Science in Action (1st Hour)
K-2 The Great Outdoors (5th hour)
K-2 Ready, Set, LeGo! (5th hour)
K-2 Lego Countries & Cultures (2nd hour)
K-3 Art (4th hour)
K-3 Handcrafts (2nd Hour)
K-3 Wild About Animals (2nd hour)
3-5 Gamified Learning (3rd hour)
4-6 I Heart Art (5th hour)
4-6 Texas History (2nd hour)
4-7 Pastry Arts (3rd hour)
6-8 Video Production (5th hour)
6-12 Sign Savvy (3rd hour)

Why use Zelle?

Zelle® is a peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer app that allows users to move funds from one bank account to another. More than 1,700 banks include Zelle® on their website or within their mobile banking application. Unlike many money transfer apps such as Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App, Zelle does not charge an extra fee for sending or receiving payments, and there is no need to transfer funds, as they are immediately deposited into the bank account. Zelle is also far more secure than other popular P2P payment platforms.

Although Zelle is perfect for our use, it does have some idiosyncrasies which you need to understand. We have attempted to simplify these explanations in the most concise way. You can always contact your local bank (or ask us) if you have further questions.

  • The easiest way to access Zelle is through your bank’s website or mobile app. NOTE: some banks offer Zelle features through the website and app. Some banks only offer Zelle through the mobile app. Banks differ in this approach, so you will need to find out the details on your bank’s website.
  • Regarding the BVC fee payment: your bank must offer Zelle in order to pay BVC using this platform. Because BVC has an EIN number, it must be classified as a business account with our bank and with Zelle. Zelle business accounts only accept payments through your bank’s app with Zelle. If your bank does not offer Zelle, you will have to pay the fee with a check through the mail.
  • BUT… if your bank does not offer Zelle, you can still download the ZELLE APP (different from when your bank offers Zelle, and you use your bank app) and input your debit card number. With the Zelle app, you can pay anyone who prefers to receive payments this way. Unfortunately, this does not work with a small business Zelle account. This option is for a peer to peer payment to a person whose bank has Zelle.
  • Many of the teachers now prefer Zelle. If your bank offers Zelle, utilize the bank app to pay teachers. If your bank does not offer Zelle, use the Zelle app to pay the teacher through your debit card.
  • Now, to make it more confusing… a person whose bank does not offer Zelle cannot pay another person who does not have Zelle, even using the Zelle app. At least one of the parties must use a bank that offers Zelle.

Let’s try it in some example scenarios between Jane and Joe:

  • Jane’s bank offers Zelle.
  • Joe’s bank does not offer Zelle.
  • Jane can use her bank’s app to pay the BVC registration fee with Zelle.
  • Joe cannot use Zelle to pay his fee because BVC is utilizing a Zelle small business account. Joe will mail us his fee to our new PO Box.
  • Jane can pay her child’s teachers using Zelle through her bank’s app.
  • Joe can also pay his child’s teachers using Zelle by downloading the Zelle app and inputing his debit card number.
  • Jane and Joe can exchange funds through Zelle because one of their banks is a Zelle partner.
  • Now meet Beth. Her bank does not offer Zelle.
  • Jane can pay her friend, Beth, through her bank’s Zelle app to Beth’s Zelle app, even though Beth’s bank does not offer Zelle.
  • Joe and Beth cannot exchange funds through Zelle because neither of their banks offer Zelle.


Important Dates


Online registration begins:

  • May 1, 2023, 8 AM – Current families
  • May 3, 2023, 8 AM – All families

Live registration for new students and class changes:

  • August 25, 2023 – After the orientation meeting


10am on August 25, 2023

Parents and students must attend. This meeting provides an opportunity to meet teachers, locate classrooms, and receive supply lists or syllabi. Failure to attend this meeting for ANY reason will require an extra two hours of parent duty. If you must miss this important gathering, we will contact you to help you sign up for this alternative duty option.

Co-op Handbook

Please carefully read all the information in the Brazos Valley Co-op Handbook before submitting your registration.

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Registration Day

2023-2024 Forms/Printables

Registration Worksheet

Print one per family. Includes all classes with deposit and fee amounts.


BVC Calendar

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Pickup Line Map

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Pickup Line Sign

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Digital Payment Addresses

For payments to teachers.



Classroom Map

Class Map will be available closer to the start of classes.

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