Parent Duty

Who has parent duty this week?

2019-20 Parent Duty Schedule

Parent Duty Times

Morning Set Up: 7:30-8:30
Morning Hall Monitor: 8:15-12:25
All Lunches: 11:25-12:25
Afternoon Hall Monitor: 12:15-4:15
Pickup Line Duty: 3:15-4:15
Afternoon Clean Up: 3:25-4:25
Alternative Duty: 3:00-5:00

Email parent duty substitutes. This email goes to all of our substitutes and our committee member in charge of the parent duty.  

Failure to show up for duty leaves over 200 children unsupervised. A fine of $50 for set-up, clean-up, lunch duty, and pickup line duty; and $100 for half day duty times will be assessed for failure to show for parent duty. Because of habitual tardiness for parent duty hours, there is a $2 fine for EACH MINUTE that you are late.  We can not function without cooperation from each of our families. When you arrive for duty, be sure to do the following:

  • Check in on the iPad located near the parent duty notebook using your parent ID card to verify your check in time.
  • Check out on the iPad when you have completed your duty.

The committee will check this log each week and notify you if you owe a penalty. Thank you for your cooperation.

Brazos Valley Co-op will be successful only if everyone does their part.  We are fortunate that our co-op does not require extensive time involvement by all parents BUT we do require that every family sign up for six hours of duty during the school year. Just because the time commitment is minimal does not mean that it is not important. We cannot have co-op unless everyone helps.

**Parents may indicate on the registration form if you are willing to substitute for a set fee. You may email all substitutes at All parents are still responsible for their service requirement, but they may call a parent on the list to cover for them. If you choose to call a substitute, you pay them directly. Both parties must notify the service hour coordinator about the substitution.
Substitute fees will be as follows:

  • Morning or afternoon duty – $50.00
  • Lunch duty – $20.00
  • Morning set up – $20.00
  • Pickup Line duty – $20.00
  • Afternoon clean up – $20.00

The parent duty coordinator does not arrange for subs; the committee will only maintain a list of willing substitutes.