Do I have to pay for classes?
Our co-op is fee-based. Teachers are paid monthly.

My child is almost five, can I register him?
Students must be five years old on or before September 1st in order to register for classes. (Pre-K students must be 3 by September 1st and completely potty trained.)

What if I can’t be there for my lunch duty or hall monitor duty?
You need to find another parent who is willing to trade/sub for you (click link on homepage to email sub list); then both parties must notify the service hours coordinator (email service@brazosvalleyco-op.com). If you don’t show up then there will be nearly 200 children without proper supervision. You also have the option of paying a parent on our substitute list. Failure to fulfill your set duty time will result in a fine. Multiple absences will result in dismissal from co-op.

What does the registration fee cover?
The BVC registration fee covers the our rental agreement with FBC, the cost of the web site, database, parent and student ID badges, any mailings, printing costs, tables, chairs, vacuums, whiteboards, cleaning fees, etc.

Some months only have 3 co-op classes and other months have 4 or 5 classes. Do I still have to pay the same amount each month?
Yes. Class fees are based on yearly prices, which are broken down into monthly payments as a convenience to the parents. Please read our complete payment policy.

Will co-op classes be cancelled if there is bad weather?
BVC closures will be prayerfully decided upon by the BVC committee. If there is inclement weather, we will not delay classes but will close for the day. You will find closure announcements on our website, through an email, and on some TV stations. Teachers will not refund any fees for classes cancelled due to weather. Please check the website before contacting committee members.

What if my child leaves something at co-op?
There is a large plastic tub that is kept in the foyer during co-op hours. Any found items will be placed there. BVC donates items several times a year, so please check the lost and found often.

My child has special needs. Can I still register him for classes?
There is an area on the Family Enrollment Application form for listing special needs. Please contact the teacher before you register. You and the teacher can discuss whether your child will be able to take the class. It may be that the parent needs to stay with the child during class. BVC is not equipped to handle special educational or behavioral needs, and we reserve the right to relinquish the child’s enrollment if we are unable to handle these issues.

Why do I have to pay a deposit for each class?
Your deposit is needed by the teacher to guarantee your spot in the class, to buy supplies needed, and make plans for a certain number of students.

Where is the link to download the Brazos Valley Co-op Handbook?
The link is on the top bar under Registration on every page of the web site.

Where can I get more Student Contracts and Class Registration Forms?
You can find additional forms on the Forms page.

Can I send a cell phone with my child so I can reach him?
Children may have cell phones with them, but they are not to be used during any class. If cell phones ring or are used during class, they will be taken by the teacher and returned at the end of class. Study hall is an exception, and the use of phones will be determined by the teacher.

What about other electronic devices?
The best place for all electronic devices is at home. Children are less distracted during class and can have more social interaction between classes and at lunch if they don’t have these devices.

Can my child leave to go out for lunch?
BVC is a closed campus. If you would like your child to leave during lunch, you must be present to leave with them. You may not send written permission for your child to leave, even if they are driving themselves. If they leave the building, they need to leave for the day. No coming and going. Student loitering in the parking lot (even in vehicle) is prohibited. If you would like another adult (parent aged adult, not another 18 year old student) to take your child for lunch, please send this request to the committee in advance in writing. Permission will be granted only by committee and not the parent on duty. The safety of all of our children is our top priority!