Environmental Science

Teacher Name: Bruce Gillespie
Teacher Email: btgmag3276@gmail.com
Tuition: $200.00 per year, payable in monthly installments of $25.00
Discount for Semester Payment: no
Supply/Materials Fee (due at registration): $40
Deposit (due at registration): $25.00
Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12
Minimum Class Size: 6
Maximum Class Size: 20
Midterm Enrollment: yes
Class Time: 4th hour
Prerequisite: None
Estimated homework hours: 1-2

Required Materials or Books: TBD

Class Description:
The class will study how an environmental scientist thinks about: how the human and non-human populations affect the environment; agricultural impact on the environment and sustainable systems to support human life; industrial impact on the environment and what industry does to minimize its environmental footprint; renewable and nonrenewable fuels – the benefits and issues of both; and biodiversity of our planet. Global change is happening fast and environmental scientists are the ones determining how we can adapt our use of the earth to minimize the damage we cause to what God created.

About Bruce Gillespie

Bruce Gillespie has been a practicing Christian for since he was 12 years old and working in laboratories since he was 17. He started his research career working on environmental science research projects for Atlantic Richfield Oil Company when he was 20 as their Manager of Environmental Science. That same year he married Martha Gillespie. At 22 he began teaching while continuing his research career. He currently teaches at both Brazos Valley Co-Op and Eagle Christian Academy. He does STEM work with 50-70 children in the afternoon and evenings at West Elementary School. His doctoral research was on learning disabilities and challenges but undergraduate work was in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics and statistical modeling. His love of teaching is why his current focus is only on working with students K-12 to increase their love of STEM.