College & Careers

Teacher Name: Julie Spann
Teacher Phone Number: 254-214-0707
Tuition: $160.00 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20.00
Discount for Semester Payment: no
Supply/Materials Fee (due at registration): $10.00
Deposit (due at registration): $20.00
Grades: 9th-12th
Minimum Class Size: 5
Maximum Class Size: 20
Midterm Enrollment: yes
Class Time: 3rd hour
Prerequisite: None
Estimated homework hours: 1-2 hours

Required Materials or Books: access to computer at home, flash drive, paper, pen/cil, folder

Class Description:
College or Trade School? Find yourself for a year first? What are references, work experience, volunteer hours, and why do you need them? College far away? College close to Waco? Go where the family went? We will explore your aptitudes, interests and abilities, then apply this knowledge to what might suit you best after high school. We will take practice ACT tests, write practice essays, research jobs and colleges. There will be a professional come in from a business in town who will administer a mock interview.

Teacher Information: Julie Spann has been married for 23 years, has a 12 year old boy, and loves to be outside.

About Julie Spann

Julie Spann has been married 23 years, is the mom of a 12 year old boy and loves to be outside.


Mandatory Parent/Student Orientation, Meet the Teacher, and Registration will be at 10:00am on Friday, August 24th! Mark your calendars! (Be sure to bring ALL of your students.)