Terri Rohrer

Terri Rohrer studied Elementary Education at Dallas Baptist University and has been wife to Matt for 31 years. She is in her 24th year of homeschooling their four children with only one left at home, and BVC has been a wonderful part of the Rohrer’s lives for 23 years.

4th-6th: Apologia Anatomy

“After briefly reviewing the history of man’s attempts to understand the human body, students are taught about the highly complex, all-important cell. The book then discusses the main systems of the human body, discussing in detail the skeletal, muscular, digestive,...

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8th-12th: The Game of Life-Economics for Teens

This is not your typical, boring economics and personal finance class! I will put the teen in the driver's seat of his/her future from age 22 to 42 and let them design their life by making choices like career, car, apartment, spouse, house, investment, etc., all while...

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