Stephanie DeYong

Hi! I’m Stephanie DeYong. My family and I are in our fifteenth year of homeschooling and our tenth year at Brazos Valley Co-op. We love the BVC community! I hold a BBA in Accounting from Oklahoma Baptist University. We are so thankful for the freedom and privilege to educate at home!

3rd-5th: Amazing Architecture

Castles, monuments, palaces, bridges, towers – there’s amazing architecture to discover all over the world! In Amazing Architecture, students will study famous landmarks from across the globe. Each week we will learn about a landmark through stories, reading &...

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3rd-5th: Let’s Celebrate!

Pi Day - Silly Sayings Day - Space Day – Opposite Day… There are some unusual holidays to be celebrated! In Let’s Celebrate, we’ll learn about well-known and unusual holidays in the US and around the world. Each week we’ll work on listening comprehension, reading...

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3rd-6th: Sew Much Fun 2

Hand sewing is SEW much fun! In this class, students will learn and practice the basics of sewing by hand. From threading needles and tying knots, to types of stitches and adding embellishments, students will create colorful projects out of felt . No prior sewing...

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