Sylvia Bobier

Sylvia has a BA in French from Cal State Fullerton and has lived in Paris for nearly two years through a study abroad program. She has completed three semesters of graduate studies at the Sorbonne University and was actively involved in a small, missional church while living in France. She has been married for 13 years and homeschools her two children who are loving BVC Co-op! She enjoys learning right along with her children and spending time with her family.

K-2nd: Games Around The World

This is a fun cultural class that will expose students to the types of games other children play all over the world. A different country will be introduced each week along with a little bit of geography, culture and cuisine (small snacks), and we will learn a...

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2nd-4th: Dinos & Dragons

Did dinosaurs really exist? Of course they did! But most people don't know much more about them than what is portrayed on Jurassic Park or Dino Dana. In this class we will learn about so many different types of dinos, dragons, flying reptiles and sea monsters, most of...

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