Maggie Vasut grew up in atheist China for 26 years. She came to the US in 1997, went to church for her first time and became a Christian 3 months later. After passing her PhD qualification in Physics, she received her Master's Degree of Science from Baylor University in 2002 and started theological studies in Truett Theological Seminary for 3 years instead. Since 1994, Maggie and her husband John began to have children (9/6/4 years of age now) and started homeschooling ever since.

Maggie loves God and people. She loves to tell people about Jesus Christ and His love. During her family's last trip to China in 2011-2012, about 64 people, mainly taxi drivers and individual neighbors and strangers, made their decisions to believe in Jesus during the last 16 days.

Maggie loves teaching both old and young, and has been involved in teaching adult and children Sunday schools at church and Friday night Bible Studies at her home. She has been tutoring a Foundation Class in Classical Conversations from 2013-2014 and has been trained in Children Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)'s Teaching Children Effectively-1 course, while both have helped her in reaching children for Christ more efficiently.

About Maggie Vasut

Coming from China when she was 26 as a Teaching Assistant in her PhD program, Maggie Vasut went to church in Waco for her first time and became a follower of the Christ 3 months later on 12/2/1997. After passing her PhD preliminary, she obtained her Master’s Degree of Physics from Baylor University in 2001 and moved on to Truett Theological Seminary for a 3-year training. Homeschooled all her 4 children ever since the oldest one was born in 2004, her family has joined Classical Conversations since 2011 and she has enjoyed being a Foundations tutor for 3 years. Mrs. Vasut is one of the coworkers of Waco Chinese Church and has been called to serve God and to serve people. She loves to tell people about Jesus and loves teaching adult Bible Studies and children’s Sunday Schools. She is a people person and enjoys learning from people of all ages by engaging conversations with them and praying for them.

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