Maegan Keaton

Maegan grew up with an engineer for a father and an artist for a mother and delights in a happy merging of the two. She and her husband Mark have moved around the country throughout their marriage and are grateful that so many different people and places are part of their story. They have homeschooled their eight children from the beginning and love the way it creates a family atmosphere of never-ending learning. Maegan loves to find the beauty in the ordinary. She is also the founder of Wildflowers, a creative magazine for girls, that ships to subscribers all over the U.S. and Canada. Maegan is excited to be part of bringing truth, beauty, and goodness to the BVC community.

K-3rd: Handcrafts

Handcrafts are a wonderful way to keep little (actually any age) hands busy! They also strengthen fine motor skills and provide ways to contribute beauty and practicality in life. In handcrafts we will cover cutting skills, paper and yarn weaving, beading, homemade...

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4th-7th: Pastry Arts

Sweets are yummy to eat, but they can also be beautiful to look at! In this class we will be learning a range of techniques to decorate pastries. We will practice writing with icing in a piping bag, learn what different piping tips do and how to use them, learn how to...

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