Lee Ann Finley

I’m Lee Ann Finley, wife and mom of 3 boys and affectionately refer to our house as the Finley Frat House. We live in the China Spring area, are active members at Highland Baptist church, and are in our 4th year of homeschooling. I’ve had what I consider two outside the home careers in my life, one in the medical business world and the other in public education. I spent a combined total of 10 years in public education as a paraprofessional and certified teacher in both general and special ed classrooms serving grades 4-8 in all core subject areas. I loved theater as a kid and participated in musicals and plays from elementary through high school and always thought I would eventually teach theater (for real, I wrote in my senior memory book). I’m so excited to work BVC students in theater and technology classes this year!

3rd-5th: Gamified Learning

Students will use computer/iPads to gain and practice their knowledge in science, math, and history. We will utilize multiple programs including Nearpod, Gimkit, Quizziz, Peardeck, digital escape rooms and more to enhance learning and engage students. We will cover a...

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6th-8th: Video Production

Students will have the opportunity to record and edit videos using a variety of apps including iMovie, DoInk, and iMotion. Our goal will be to showcase what’s going on at BVC through student produced videos along with other video ideas students come up with to...

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7th-12th: Theater

I like to think of this as “living room” style theater, laid back and maybe just a small step up from the productions we use to put on in the entry way of our house as kids. Students will learn theater basics such as vocal warms ups, improvisation, simple set and...

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