Kaitlin Stone

Hi! I'm Kaitlin Stone or otherwise known as “Mom” to four sweet kiddos and wife to my amazing husband. This will be our third year to homeschool, but prior to becoming a mom I taught for 2 years. I delight in the wonder, awe, excitement and youthful exuberance of the BVC students as they learn and explore new things and am honored to take part in furthering their education and growth.

K-2nd: Living Literature

It is said a good book will make our imaginations come to life. What if those good books could come to life in tangible ways too? That is the dream of this class as we take exciting and thrilling books like "Cowpoke Clyde Rides the Range" and make them come alive. We...

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K-2 Experiments: Science in Action

Science is fun! And we will have tons of fun doing science! We will do a different experiment each week as we explore various topics across multiple science fields: biology, physics, chemistry, earth science etc. We will have an exciting book each week that we'll read...

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4th-7th: Line Dancing

Put on your best dancing boots and let's boogie! Each week we will learn a new line dance and enjoy moving as we do so. We will use upbeat Christian music or songs without lyrics so that we can enjoy the fun beats and rhythms without hesitation. Come get your grove on...

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