Kim Olmstead

Kim Olmstead has three children and has been homeschooling for 12 years. She has a Music Education degree from Baylor University. She taught in public and private school music programs prior to beginning the homeschool journey. She designed and taught Music in the Elementary Classroom, a course for Baylor Education majors, which explores methods of incorporating music into learning. Kim enjoys camping, cooking, walking, attending concerts, and singing with the Central Texas Choral Society. Kim has been married to Michael for 21 years. Their children are 17, 13, and 10 years old.

2nd-4th: Music Matters!

Music Matters! is a hands-on, theme-based music class for elementary students. We will learn to sing using head voices, read rhythmic and melodic patterns, listen and move to music, identify and play instruments, discover famous composers, and have a ton of fun. New...

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4th-7th: Recorders

Learn to play the recorder! In this class, students will learn to produce quality tone and play accurately on the soprano recorder. Students will learn to read basic treble clef musical notation and rhythms and explore musical terminology and symbols for tempo and...

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