Krystal Billups

Krystal Billups studied Child Psychology at Dallas Baptist University and has been wife to Jared for 17 years. She has loved homeschooling their three children for the past 11 years and joined our BVC family in 2021. With 17 years of classroom experience in the public school, classical community and an international online school, Krystal is well versed in many ages and learning styles. She loves teaching children to courageously explore and stand in awe of the world around them while maintaining a strong biblical worldview.

4th-6th: Our Mother Tongue

Words will come alive as we journey through English Grammar! Using Our Mother Tongue as a guide, we will study the eight parts of speech, learn how to diagram sentences and discover how to use correct grammar. Our class will be interactive and engaging with games,...

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6th-9th: Window to the World

World Geography, religion and world view will come alive as we journey through culture, history, traditions and cuisine. Students will learn to locate and appreciate people groups from around the world. Our class will be interactive and engaging with projects,...

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9th-12th: Sociology

In Sociology, we will meld sociological principles with a Christian worldview to offer a platform from which to confront and resolve today's complex societal issues. By understanding the way society works shows us how to be proactive instead of reactive, agents of...

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