Krystal Billups

Krystal Billups studied Child Psychology at Dallas Baptist University and has been wife to Jared for 16 years. She has loved homeschooling their three children for the past 11 years. With 16 years of classroom experience in the public school, classical community and an international online school, Krystal is well versed in many ages and learning styles. She loves teaching children to courageously explore and stand in awe of the world around them while maintaining a strong biblical worldview.

4th-6th: Latin for Children Primer A

Latin will come alive as we learn lots of vocabulary, world history and the connection to English grammar. Students will learn correct pronunciation of Latin words as well as lots of every day derivatives they can use! We will learn how to learn a language using...

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7th-12th: Let’s Make Music!

Music will come alive in this class! In music appreciation, we will be studying history, theory, and many genres of music. The first semester covers early musical forms, classical music, and American jazz. The second semester presents modern traditions, including...

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9th-12th: Psychology

We will explore context and understanding of Psychology from a Christian perspective while engaging in conversation and group work. Because, Psychology is always on the news, and is a popular college-level course, it can be beneficial to take a introduction class in...

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