About James Smith

My wife and I have four children, three of whom are homeschool age. We are blessed to have a vibrant homeschool scene in McLennan County and we have taken advantage of many of the available resources, including Brazos Valley Co-op.

I have been into computer programming since I first saw a computer in 3rd grade in 1988. I began coding at the age of eight. The landscape was vastly different back then. After high school, I studied computer science and psychology for five years at Texas A&M University. I currently design and build custom homes in McLennan County. I still spend my spare time coding, and I actually use coding in the design/build process as well. I look forward to helping equip tomorrow’s leaders with a solid foundation in computer science which they can build upon for the rest of their lives.

Computer Science Discoveries – PCs

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Computer Science Fundamentals – PCs

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