Jamey Newton

Jamey Newton graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Community Health. After graduation she realized she couldn't ignore her call to teach. She became a certified teacher and loved teaching 4th grade until her first child was born. She quickly realized that being a mom is truly her dream job. She has been homeschooling for 8 years and is convinced that teaching her own children is the most challenging and most wonderful job she has ever had. She is excited to teach at co-op this year knowing that her love for the Lord drives her love of education.

4th-6th: S.O.S – Surviving Outdoors School

Students will learn basic survival kills, build confidence, foster a love for nature and be encouraged to have an adventurous spirit as we read through inspirational adventure books for young readers by Bear Grylls. We will explore other books, use other materials and...

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4th-6th: The Art of Math

This class uses hands on art projects to make learning math fun. We will learn how famous artists used math to create art and will make plenty of art work ourselves. We will make golden spiral art, opt art illusions, infinity triangles, kirigami and so much more.

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