Heather Goodman

Heather Goodman received her Bachelor of Music from Baylor University and her Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary. She's published short stories, Bible studies, and devotionals and has been homeschooling for eight years. She has taught Bible, music, and literature classes in a variety of settings and groups. Her favorite authors include Jane Austen, Wendell Berry, and C.S. Lewis.

K-3rd: Once Upon a Time: Truth, Beauty, Goodness

We’ll spend an hour in fairy tale land reading folktales, singing folk songs, learning nursery rhymes and poems, and studying composers’ and artists’ works. This class offers the true, good, and beautiful things that can feed a healthy Christian imagination. It also...

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6th-8th: How to Read Literature: Further Up and Further In

This course teaches the art of reading and how to interpret a book. It teaches the principles of good reading by practicing these principles through guided readings in good books. The books for the course were chosen to reawaken our imagination, contribute to our...

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