Audrey Wauson


I homeschooled my four older children through 12th grade and they all now in their 30s. I grew up going to a Spanish church and living in a Mexican community. My husband and I lived in Panama for 3 years where Spanish is the primary language of that nation. All of my adult life I've been involved in ESL and community ministries where I've had multiple opportunities to use my Spanish speaking skills. I look forward to teaching students how to speak Spanish and how to connect the Spanish they're learning to service in our community in order to glorify God and serve others.

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Audrey Wauson

7th-12th: Spanish Lab

In this lab students will be putting their Spanish language skills to work navigating a neighborhood game board,...

8th-12th: Spanish I

Spanish I is for the student who has little or no knowledge of Spanish. This class will get you started speaking and...

8th-12th: Spanish II

Spanish II is for the student who has already taken Spanish I and/or has some speaking/reading knowledge of Spanish....