Angie McCue


My name is Angie McCue. My husband, John, and I have homeschooled all 4 children since our oldest began kindergarten (over 20 years ago) and have graduated our 3 oldest. Our children have attended BVC for more than 17 years. Teaching a yearbook class has been many years in the making! I've worked on several different publications over the years, from homeschool yearbooks to public high school yearbooks and news publications to photo albums and memory books to printed and web-based newsletters; There's a wide variety of publications I've worked on. It all started when I was a student in high school and worked as a photographer, photo editor, and staff on the yearbooks each year. I also worked on the school newspapers all four years of high school. Through those experiences, I learned many incredible skills that launched a lifetime of learning valuable and useful skills that I've continually used in my everyday life and business. Additionally, I use many of the professional Adobe software titles and business-oriented Microsoft titles as well as some of the Google tools in my business. Thus, I will utilize some of those programs and teach in them for yearbook creation as well. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience, and skills through the 2020-21 BVC yearbook class!

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Angie McCue

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