Ashley Byrom

Ashley Byrom has a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University and 12 years experience working in student and family ministry. She has been married to her husband, Clint, for 17 years and currently homeschools her 4 children.

K-2nd: Happy Habits

This class will use picture books and role-play to help students learn and practice appropriate table manners, respectful relationships, and consideration of adults and peers. We will cover topics such as saying please and thank you, respectfully addressing adults,...

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K-3rd: The Great Outdoors

How long are a grizzly bear's claws? How hot does it get in the Mohave Desert? Did you know Lake Sturgeon live over 100 years? The Great Outdoors will take students on a tour of plants, wildlife, and natural formations across the United States. We will examine food...

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