K-1st: American Road Trip

Teacher Info:

Teacher Name: Holly Trice
Teacher Email: hollytrice@hotmail.com

Monthly Cost, Fees and Deposit

Tuition:  $200 per year
Payable in monthly installments of $25
Deposit: $25 (due at registration)
Supply/Materials Fee: $20 (due at registration)
Digital Payment Address: Zelle preferred: hollytrice@hotmail.com (please contact for Venmo)

Class Details

Class Time: 2nd hour
Grades: K-1st
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Prerequisite: None
Estimated Homework Hours: None
Required Materials or Books: 
Folder with brads and pockets
Colored pencils
Glue stick

Class Description

Let’s go – on an exciting road trip across all the 50 United States of America! We will visit these amazing states without leaving the classroom through integrated learning and exploration, and of course road trip snacks on occasion.

Imagine traveling together to visit each of the states, learning about them while doing fun crafts, listening to and learning new songs, as well as other fun activities. We will creatively learn key facts about each state, including things like the state shape, where the state is located, the capital, state flag, state flower, state bird, and unique fun facts!

At the end of the year, students will leave with a compilation of information on each of the 50 states that they can reference again and again. They will also finish out the year having learned all the states and capitals. So, let’s go on a road trip!

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