4th-6th: Apologia Anatomy

Teacher Info:

Teacher Name: Terri Rohrer
Teacher Email: terrirohrer72@gmail.com

Monthly Cost, Fees and Deposit

Tuition: $200 per year
Payable in monthly installments of $25
Deposit: $25 (due at registration)
Supply/Materials Fee: $30 (due at registration)
Digital Payment Address: Pay with Zelle at terrirohrer72@gmail.com (Contact Mrs. Rohrer if you have questions about Zelle.)

Class Details

Class Time: 1st hour
Grades: 4th-6th
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Prerequisite: None
Estimated Homework Hours: 1 hour per week
Required Materials or Books: 
Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie Fulbright - Students in the same family may share a textbook
Folder for handouts
Spiral notebook for homework
Pencils, colored pencils, scissors, and a glue stick

Class Description

“After briefly reviewing the history of man’s attempts to understand the human body, students are taught about the highly complex, all-important cell. The book then discusses the main systems of the human body, discussing in detail the skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as several others. The book culminates by tying it all together with the study of growth and development. Procreation is addressed in terms of DNA and genes.” (Quote taken from book description.)

We will dissect a chicken wing to learn about bones and ligaments; find our own arteries, veins and capillaries; build a stethoscope; investigate the genetics of inheritance; test our muscle strength; explore the five senses; and much, much more! The children will also enjoy adding organs to their human body model each week!

As with other Apologia courses, your child will work on their notebook each week. They will narrate what they have learned, make sketches, and record data from experiments. By the end of the year, they can easily refer to their notebook to remind them of everything we studied. Because one of my goals for the children is to become prepared for more rigorous upper level sciences, I will administer tests in this class, and there will be some homework each week.

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