4th-6th: CrazyFun Coding Accelerated

Teacher Info:

Teacher Name: Emily Lacasse
Teacher Email: melacasse@gmail.com

Monthly Cost, Fees and Deposit

Tuition: $160 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20
Supply/Materials Fee: $35 (due at registration)
Deposit: $20 (due at registration)
Venmo Address: @Emily-Lacasse-3

Class Details

Class Time: 4th hour
Grades: 4th-6th
Minimum Class Size: 6
Maximum Class Size: 15
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Prerequisite: typing experience preferred
Estimated Homework Hours: 0
Required Materials or Books: 

Class Description

In this class students increase typing proficiency, build apps, and learn about computer science in an engaging setting designed to encourage budding coders. They will learn to program by creating functional, entertaining apps that work using a special set of commands written in JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. The commands are short, easy to type, and easy to understand. As students quickly progress, they’re introduced to more “raw” JavaScript syntax (vocabulary and grammar). Students will learn basic commands, coordinates, variables, functions, conditionals, and more. The experience starts with lots of guidance, first showing learners exactly what to type, then quickly encouraging them to modify and expand their apps by typing in new commands, and within weeks writing their own apps from scratch. Even though it is designed to teach beginning coders, there is plenty to enjoy, explore, and learn for students with previous coding experience.

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