K-3rd: Art

Teacher Info:

Teacher Name: Martha Gillespie
Teacher Email: btgmag3276@gmail.com

Monthly Cost, Fees and Deposit

Tuition: $160 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20
Supply/Materials Fee: $25 (due at registration)
Deposit: $20 (due at registration)
Venmo Address: Use PayPal, btgmag3276@gmail.com, 254-522-9714 (please choose "pay friends and family" option.)

Class Details

Class Time: 5th hour
Grades: K-3
Minimum Class Size: 5
Maximum Class Size: 20
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Prerequisite: None
Estimated Homework Hours: None
Required Materials or Books: 
Set of colored pencils (minimum 8 colors), journal

Class Description

Art is all about how to use our creative abilities to showcase what God has created. In this class we study the art that God created and learn how to use creative abilities and nature to express what we are thinking or feeling. We look for beauty in even the simplest things of His creation.
We will work on art of the native American Indians; draw and paint many things including trees, flowers, animals, cartoon characters, landscapes, seascapes, buildings and people; pastel and chalk pictures; clay molding; rock painting and others. We will learn to watch for patterns and styles. We will do self portraits and family portraits. We will also study the techniques of some of the masters. Music is also used to teach students the value of using music while creating art.

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