K-3rd: Fun on the Farm

Teacher Info:

Teacher Name: Martha Gillespie
Teacher Email: btgmag3276@gmail.com

Monthly Cost, Fees and Deposit

Tuition: $160 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20
Supply/Materials Fee: $25 (due at registration)
Deposit: $20 (due at registration)
Venmo Address: Use PayPal, btgmag3276@gmail.com, 254-522-9714 (please choose "pay friends and family" option.)

Class Details

Class Time: 4th hour
Grades: K-3rd
Minimum Class Size: 5
Maximum Class Size: 22
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Prerequisite: None
Estimated Homework Hours: None
Required Materials or Books: 

Class Description

Farm class is about what it was like to live on a farm in the late 1800’s. A verse comes to mind vividly when working with this class:

Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not forever and doth the crown endure to every generation? The hay appeareth and the tender grass sheweth itself, and the herbs of the mountain are gathered. Proverbs 27: 23-25.

God plays a huge part in all our lives but is oh so apparent in the life of a farmer counting on God to help achieve a needed bounty.

Students will learn all natural farming, animal kindness, animal health and care, animal grooming, planting according to the seasons, creation and use of simple machines, not wasting God’s bounty, taking time to listen to God and how to search for lost animals. Students will even make their own butter to enjoy on a snack. Other snacks appropriate to late 1800’s living will also be enjoyed, always being mindful of possible allergies.

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