K-3rd: Exploration Earth 1

Teacher Info:

Teacher Name: Silvia Woodard
Teacher Email: swoodardmomto6@gmail.com

Monthly Cost, Fees and Deposit

Tuition: $160 per year, payable in monthly installments of $20
Supply/Materials Fee: $20 (due at registration)
Deposit: $20 (due at registration)
Venmo Address: @Silvia-Woodard

Class Details

Class Time: 4th hour
Grades: K-3rd
Minimum Class Size: 5
Maximum Class Size: 20
Midterm Enrollment: Yes
Prerequisite: No
Estimated Homework Hours: Occasional memorization
Required Materials or Books: 
Pencil and sharpener
Crayons/Colored pencils
Glue stick

Class Description

Get ready for an exciting voyage across the world! Come along as this year we tour Japan,Italy,Israel,South Africa,Germany,England and more! Within this curriculum your child will discover the sights and sounds of countries across the globe and compile a notebook of maps, flags, and interesting country facts. See how children live and celebrate holidays in different cultures. We’ll go hands-on with fun activities, crafts, food and recipe exploration and more! So grab your passports, and get ready to go!

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