2020-2021 Updates

November 18 Update – Spring 2021

Dear BVC Families,

After months of dedicated prayer, we feel the Lord is leading us to cancel in person classes for the spring semester. There are many reasons for this decision, and we have peace that it is best to wait and start strong in September 2021. We are still negotiating and praying over a lease arrangement with Fellowship Bible Church, many of our teachers have chosen not to teach in person because of Covid (nearly half of our classes are without teachers), and there are too many differing (and polarizing) opinions on required Covid policies to move forward in the spring. The wisest choice at this point is to wait.

  • As per the payment policy for this school year, we will begin refunding partial registration fees to those families who were waiting for spring classes. If you are taking online classes, there is no registration fee refund. Here are some other important points to remember:
    If you were waiting for spring to meet in person, but you want to join the online class now (or in January), please let us know right away.
  • We will refund your payment to the Venmo account in which you paid originally (half of registration fee). 
  • Please be patient, as this may take quite a while to process for everyone. We hope to have all refunds to our families by December 11th.
  • If you paid your fee by check, we will send your refund via check.
  • If you are NOT enrolled in the online version of the class, and you were waiting for spring to join in person, each teacher will be refunding your class deposit (not the supply fee).

Our hearts are broken to give you this news, but we have confidence that this is the right decision. We are going to plan some park days for those of you who want to fellowship together. We pray that we see all of you back with us in September of 2021. Be safe, and stay well.


The BVC Committee

September 3, 2020 Update


New Online Options for BVC

We are so excited that more of our teachers have decided to hold online classes during the fall semester. Please read carefully because some begin in September, and some will begin in October. Classes beginning online on September 11th:
  • Apologia Anatomy 4th-6th
  • TechnoWhiz 4th-7th
  • Physical Science 7th-9th
  • HS Grammar and Writing 8th-12th
  • Photopreneurs 9th-12th
  • Chemistry 9th-12th
  • Anatomy and Physiology 10th-12th
  • Crazy Fun Coding Accelerated 5th-8th
Classes beginning online in October:
  • Spanish 1 8th-12th
  • Spanish 2 8th-12th
  • Girls in Historical Literature 5th-8th
Registration is now open for these online options! If you would like to add any of these classes, please watch the videos and follow the instructions for registration. If you are already registered for the 2020-2021 school year, simply login to your account and add the classes you would like to take. Registered families are not required to participate in the online versions. For classes beginning in September, monthly or semester tuition will be due on or before September 11th. For classes beginning in October, monthly or semester tuition is due on or before October 2nd. Regular tuition late fees and drop policies apply. FOR CLASSES BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 11, 2020, YOU MUST DROP BEFORE SEPTEMBER 18, 2020, AT 3:25PM TO AVOID A DROP FEE. FOR CLASSES BEGINNING OCTOBER 2, 2020, YOU MUST DROP BEFORE OCTOBER 9, 2020, AT 3:25PM TO AVOID A DROP FEE. FOR CLASSES BEGINNING JANUARY 8, 2021, YOU MUST DROP BEFORE JANUARY 15, 2021, AT 3:25PM TO AVOID A DROP FEE. Important note: Some teachers are offering their classes (not included in this list) at an alternate location for the fall semester. They will be contacting their classes personally to offer that option. For liability reasons, BVC cannot take responsibility for these outside classes, and families participating will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that BVC has no responsibility for how the classes are conducted nor any liability associated with attending the classes. The teacher will provide the waiver for you to sign, and all waivers will be returned to us. Finally, if you are going to drop all classes now rather than January, WE MUST BE NOTIFIED BY THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH, AT MIDNIGHT so that we can finalize our database. If you drop now and choose to rejoin in January, you will be required to pay the full registration fee and register your students again for the spring semester. 

August 31, 2020 Update

Dear BVC Families,

We are so thankful for your patience as we have worked and prayed to find the best solution for our students. We have come to a most difficult decision that we cannot meet this fall in person for classes. We have researched and brainstormed and debated on how we could provide a safe environment following the required safety guidelines, and it is more than five volunteer moms can pull off for such a large number of people. In addition, the strong opinions on following CDC guidelines (which we are required to do by our insurance policy) have made it even more difficult to find a workable solution. We have watched as the schools have prepared their buildings and planned their schedules, and we do not feel we have the resources or expertise to do the same. We are praying that we will be able to return to Fellowship in January where we can more easily make the adjustments needed to hold classes. Please pray with us that this will be possible.

Here are the next steps for you as we move forward:

  • You may drop all classes now and be refunded half of your BVC registration fee and class deposits (not supply fees). Please note that if you decide to rejoin us in January, there will be another fee to do so.
  • You may hold off until January to receive your refunds in hopes the Lord opens the doors for us to meet. If this is not possible, you will then receive your refunds.
  • Remember that if you move forward with online classes, it is a full year (through April) commitment and typical drop fees apply.

This was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever made regarding Brazos Valley Co-op. We did not want to let any of you down, and we miss our students. The five of us have worked so hard to be able to make this possible, from setting up an extensive online volunteer and registration system to tracking down possible locations for the fall. We have spent hours upon hours because we love our co-op and believe it is an important part of our children’s education. We did purchase an insurance policy for BVC, and we are in meetings with Fellowship to set up a rental agreement and policy expectations that are new to us and now required by the elder board in order to protect the church. Again, we ask for fervent prayer regarding our relationship with Fellowship because we believe it is best to meet at a familiar facility with all of the unknowns of this pandemic. They have been so gracious to host us for many years, and we want to do everything needed to continue using their beautiful facility, hopefully in January.

Now for some good news! We will be adding classes to our online offerings! Keep an eye out for that announcement. We will also reopen registration for these online options if you know of someone who could benefit from these classes.

In closing, we are broken hearted to share this news with you, but we have peace that this is the best decision for all of us at this point. Please email if you would like to drop now. (Make sure there are no online options you want before dropping.) Please be patient, as it will take some time to get all of the refunds sent out and to notify teachers so that they can personally refund you, as well. If we do not hear from you, or if you are taking an online class, there is no need to write, and we will assume you plan to be with us in January. Thank you for your understanding and encouragement as we navigate this constantly changing situation.

Trusting His timing,

The BVC Committee

August 20, 2020 Update

The following classes WILL BE OFFERED ONLINE BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 11TH, our scheduled start date:

Apologia Anatomy 4th-6th
TechnoWhiz 4th-7th
Physical Science 7th-9th
HS Grammar and Writing 8th-12th
Photopreneurs 9th-12th
Chemistry 9th-12th
Anatomy and Physiology 10th-12th

Please remember, if you begin online classes, it is a year long commitment (through April). Each of these classes will meet in person as soon as we are able. All drop procedures apply as outlined in the BVC handbook.

Although we cannot make any guarantees, our temporary location for classes beginning in October is looking very promising. At this time, we are working on a rental agreement, and we are also seeking the best price we can find for liability insurance for BVC. This is a very large expense which we had not anticipated, in addition to the huge costs, also unexpected, incurred to set up online registration. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the funds we need to meet these unforeseen expenses.

Note: We will be following CDC guidelines as required by law, but we are working on creative ways to distance children during classes so that they may remove their masks throughout the day.

We also want to remind you that the BVC refund policy is posted on the homepage of the BVC website. We will follow this policy, and refunds will only be issued in the event that we cannot meet in October or January. If you drop classes before we come to the decision that we will not meet this year, then you will not receive a refund.

August 11, 2020 Update

Dear BVC Families,

We have received quite a few requests for updates, so we want to let you know what has been going on behind the scenes. The committee has been communicating with churches around the city seeking a location to meet during the fall semester, and we have one very promising option. There are many other factors to consider, though, as we move forward, mainly securing approval from insurance for meeting during the pandemic. We are watching schools closely as their school year begins hoping it goes smoothly, so we might have that assurance for our families in October (or January). We do not want to start meeting and then have to close the doors again.

In addition, we have been in close contact with our teachers to ascertain their plans for teaching both online and in person when we are able to do so. We will be sending (and posting on website) the list of classes which will begin online in September very soon. If you have not heard from your student’s teachers, that is because we asked them to refrain from sending information because we simply do not know exactly what the future holds, and we did not want to cause confusion. If a class is beginning online in September, you will be receiving information from that teacher very soon.

If it continues to look positive for meeting in person in October, we will reopen online registration. We will keep you updated on that possibility. In addition, there will be no parent meeting on August 28th, but we are working on a digital version for you to view at home as a family.

Our refund policy is online at, and we will send updates via email just as soon as we can. Please pray with us for the Lord to reveal His perfect plan for us to move forward. We do ask that you remember that we are volunteer moms just like you working hard for BVC families while still caring for and schooling our own children, as well.

The BVC Committee


July 2020 Update

Dear BVC Families,

We pray this finds you healthy and safe! We have difficult news to share today, but we share it knowing the Lord has a perfect plan for Brazos Valley Co-op, and His hand continues to be upon us. We will not be able to meet at Fellowship Bible Church for at least the fall semester. Please pray with us that we will be able to use the facility in the spring. We have prayerfully decided to push the start date for in-person classes to at least October hoping that we can find another temporary location in which to meet for the fall semester. Please pray that there is a place that would accept such a large number of children each week. If you know of a place that might take our students, would you contact the committee? What does this mean for you and your student(s)? Some classes, grades 4 and up, will be offering online teaching beginning on time in September in order to fully complete the syllabus by the end of April. We will be working with those teachers to meet certain standards to ensure you are satisfied with the online lectures, testing, and grading for each of these courses. Your teachers will be contacting you regarding the online option for each class. If there is not enough interest for an online version of the course, the teacher is not required to offer the online version. You will not be required to join these online classes if you wish to wait until the course is live, however you would be missing part of the course material, as the course will stay on schedule when we meet live again. You will only pay tuition for September if you take the online version. We do, however, want to note that if your child does participate in the online class, the typical drop fees would be incurred if you drop. (You must drop by 9/18/20 at 3:25 in order to avoid drop fees for the online classes.) We pray that we will meet very soon in person, but if necessary, these online versions would last all school year (through April), and it is an eight month commitment if you join online whether we are able meet in person or not. We will wait until October to offer partial refunds (as noted in the temporary payment policy) in hopes we will find a temporary facility. At that time, if we cannot meet in person, and you are not participating in an online version, you may choose to drop with no penalty. However, we plan to meet at Fellowship in the spring, so if you want to join us in January 2021, it would be best to stay enrolled, hoping that happens. There will be an additional fee assessed if you drop in the fall and rejoin in the spring. Again, you will only pay tuition to the teachers if you are taking online classes or if we are meeting in person. There are far more unknowns than we have answers, and we covet your prayers for wisdom and direction. Please be patient with us as we seek to find a temporary location, work through new and constantly changing requirements, etc. The bottom line is this, delayed live classes until October pending a temporary home, some online offerings (not required) in September, and reconvening in person at Fellowship in January. We will be communicating regularly with updates as we get them. Of course, as with everything regarding covid, these plans are tentative and subject to change. We are excited about the year ahead, as we have record numbers of students, and we pray fervently that we will be together safely, in person, sooner rather than later. Sincerely, The BVC Committee  

Brazos Valley Co-Op 2020-2021

Scenarios to help you understand your options


If a student starts online classes…

Then they will participate online until either we are able to meet in person (in October or January) OR continue to participate online for the year. All teacher payments will need to be paid each month per regular BVC policy. Any drops after starting online classes would follow regular BVC drop policy and fees.


If a student opts out of doing the class online, but wants to participate once BVC is able to meet in-person…

The student should keep up with the class materials so that they can participate once in-person classes are available. Teachers will let parents know where the class will pick up once transitioned to in-person; however, no additional teacher support or communication regarding the weekly class assignments will be provided; any tests, handouts, etc. will not be sent out or graded. Should in-person classes not be possible this year, then you would receive a refund for your class deposit (but not supply fees) and half the registration fee.

If a student drops the class now...

No drop fee will be incurred; however, the class deposit and supply fee will not be refunded. These drops MUST be communicated to BVC Committee to avoid the drop fee. We will offer refunds (per temporary payment policy) beginning in October if we are unable to meet in person.

If the class is not offered online...

Then simply wait until we know more about possibly meeting in October at a temporary location OR meeting in January at Fellowship Bible Church. Once classes resume in-person, you would then start to pay teachers for the class. Should in-person classes not be possible this year, then you would receive a refund for your class deposit (but not supply fees) and half the registration fee.

Other Answers

**Please see the Brazos Valley Co-op handbook for answers to many other questions. This document is only designed to help families understand the temporary situation and options.