About Martha Gillespie

A teacher's background enhances the classroom and field trip experiences of students. God has blessed me with a broad background that gives me an appreciation for the different learning styles of each of my students. As a high school student, I was fortunate to see the beginnings of environmental awareness (now called Green) and peaceful protests to garner support for social causes. I was fortunate to travel and work in the United States, Sweden, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. God uses my background and experiences to help me be a better teacher. He has taught me to appreciate simple things discovered in nature, wisdom of elderly people, and the faith of a child. I love these things and try to help children develop the same appreciations. Our family business, Wings of Eagles Consulting, is heavily involved in adult education. We tell our students to "Create the Vision, Develop the Passion" © 1990. It is our belief that God expects teachers and parents to help children create the vision God intends for their life and then set the stage for passion for that vision to happen.
I have taught in the public school system, private Baptist affiliated schools and home-school. I am a State of Texas certified teacher. I graduated from Houston Baptist University with BA degrees in both Elementary Education and Psychology. I also completed a MS in Psychology. I work in the Youth Department of the YMCA in Child Watch and the after-school program. I am also a certified Instructor at the YMCA, teaching Kids Fit and a kids version of Zumba.
On a personal note, I have been married to Bruce T. Gillespie for 43 years! Our family business took us all over the world. We used homeschooling because it allowed our children to travel with us and we felt it was a better option than the public school system. Each of our children went from home-school to college. My love of the sea started with my first trip to Galveston with my parents. I have been a surfer since I was 14 years old and still enjoy taking a ride on the waves. My husband and I have owned Twelve Oaks Farms since 1983. This organic farm has been the home to cattle, horses (Percheron and miniature), sheep, and dogs. The farm has remained organic for 30 years. It has been and will continue to be a place to relax while reflecting upon what God has done in our lives.

On the Farm

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Art Appreciation, Creativity and Expression

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